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Let Us Keep Your Wheels Turnin' So You Keep Earnin'

Brad Carpenter

Business Manager:
Melissa Zieman ​

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About Our Company

My name is Brad Carpenter and I have been in the truck and heavy equipment repair industry my entire working career, as well as having been raised surrounded by the repair industry and at the race track. I take the responsibility to our customers very seriously and remain hands on and dedicated to what we do each day. I keep myself readily available to my customers and any needs they may have that we can fulfill. My entire family is involved in our business including myself, my wife and our 4 kids; everyone plays a part. Our employees are more like an extended family rather than employees. We are a team and work very diligently to keep our customers working each day. 

It is our mission to provide our customers with the best possible level of service, and respect that is humanly possible. Whether you have one truck or 100 we will do our absolute best to “keep your wheels turnin’, so you keep earnin”. It’s not just a slogan here at CDRS Inc., it’s truly our mission! 

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